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More than 30 years of experience in manufacturing machines that produce elastomer items have led to the present range of LWB machines. During this time, we have not only developed different lines of machines for a manifold of demands, but LWB has also greatly modernized injection units, clamping units and accessories. Hereby, the engineering process aspect was as important as the question of costs. Today, we enable the user to get a customized solution out of a modular designed machine program. This is a basic requirement for achieving an advantage in the market today.

In order to produce a wide range of rubber mould parts and rubber metal products, it requires standardized machine concepts. On the other hand, specifications need a customized production unit, either due to the engineering process reasons or based on cost requirements. That's where automatization is a more and more important value in the rubber mould production. Make your choice between a standard and customized solution!

The range of LWB machines comprehends vulcanisation, vacuum presses, standard sizes of vertical and horizontal rubber injection presses (from 200 kN up to 8,000 kN clamping force), as well as machines with higher clamping forces (adapted to special requirements).

When manufacturing elastomer items, particular emphasis is laid on the engineering process. The user has the choice between different modular composed injection systems, most of which are patented. We offer the E-injection unit (which allows a complete emptying of injection piston and nozzle), the FIFO injection systems (F and EF), as well as the new EFE injection system (which allows cure time reduction up to 50 % using hot channel kits). This wide range offers the opportunity for a customized combination of clamp and injection units. The engineering process' demands, as well as the cost aspect, will be taken into consideration on designing your machine.

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